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Poems Online and Readings on Video

New Poems

Rereading Tranströmer in a Pandemic | Mass Poetry

Elegy for Little Richard | Solstice Magazine


Poems from Departures from Rilke (2023)

The Alchemist | Cambridge Common Writers

Before a Summer Rain | Cambridge Common Writers

Blue Hydrangea | Plume Poetry

Electric Guitar | Harvard Review

Encounter | Solstice Literary Magazine

The Island | storySouth

Last Judgment | Plume Poetry

The Morgue | Cambridge Common Writers

Night Drive | The Common

The Prisoner, Part One | Cambridge Common Writers

The Prisoner, Part Two | Cambridge Common Writers

Widower | Solstice Literary Magazine


Poems from Listen (2020)

American Freedom | American Journal of Poetry

The Benevolence of the Butcher | Memorious

Born to be Wild, Listen | On the Seawall

Calling Back, Charity | Plume

Dorado | Calabash

A Dream of Justice read by Kristin Cerda | Poetry in the Morning

Every Three Years | Memorious

Flight, Ours, A Burn So Bad It Requires Ice | Plume

Independence Day (entitled July (from Humidity Diary) | Slate

Jamaica, Stazione, Written During a Depression | Cutbank Online

The Look | Plume

Sewage Has Its Say | Slate

The World | Sugar House Review


Poems from Clangings (2012)

First I denied the noseeums . . . | Memorious

Back on my wings . . . | Memorious

I hear, in my phone . . . | Memorious

Three Clangings | Slate

So I left my apartment . . .  | Verse Daily

Okay, here’s what we did. . . | Verse Daily

Dear ears, my eyes keep paired for you | Verse Daily


Poems from Goodbye to the Orchard (2004) and Earlier Collections

The Accident | The Atlantic

After the Chinese | AGNI Online

At Shining Rock | Slate

A Basket of Eggs | AGNI

Body on the Brain | Slate

The Dread Museum | Slate

Everyone Who Left Us | The Poetry of Recovery

Four Poems | PoetryNet

Goodbye to the Orchard and Singer | MIT Faculty Newsletter

In the Blue Room | Slate

Maurice | Tarpaulin Sky

Memo from Homeland Security | Verse Daily

The Night We Knew for Sure | The Atlantic

Progressive | Tarpaulin Sky

Seven Poems | Poetry

Seven Poems | Paris Review (subscription required)

Singer | Washington Post, Poet’s Choice

Villanelle After a Burial | Google Books

Word Gets Around | Slate


Readings on Video

Arrowsmith Press Book Launch, 11/2/23

Brattleboro Literary Festival, 10/15/2022

Massachusetts Poetry Festival, 4/15/2021

PoemCity, 4/28/2021

Blacksmith House Poetry Series, 10/26/2020

Boston University, 2/25/2013

Wake Up and Smell the Poetry, 12/2012