Review of Clangings | Trena Machado | New Pages

“Wrenched word combinations arise out of using sound in this way: Obituary magi, greener chameleon, turquoise girls, blue-sprained boys, head’s high beams, glittering snow loaves, glister of venom, seraph cigarette . . . combinations that make our hearts beat faster, our synapses glow.”

Review of Clangings | Lisa C. Krueger | Poets’ Quarterly

“Clangings is more than wordplay and clever riffs. . . . Language separates us, language connects us – our demise, our opportunity. Cramer’s book brings us full circle to self – who am I without language? Clangings reverberates.”    ‘

Review of Clangings | Irene Koronas | Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene Blog

“This is a fantastic read and an enormous gift for anyone who appreciates good poetry.”

Review of Clangings | Dylan Mace | Sugar House Review

“Cramer’s method . . . suggests that the human experience of any person,  be they mentally ill or not, is relatively similar to that of the rest of the species. Even when their communication is garbled and disjointed, we are able to glean meaning and understanding, and to empathize with their suffering.”

Commentary on “Bad” | Jill Allyn Rosser, Best American Poetry Sunday Blog, July 29, 2012

“. . .the clincher that makes this poem memorable for me is Cramer’s exquisite syntax in ‘let’s let things not get even worse’ as opposed to the more idiomatic ‘let’s not let things get even worse.’”

Review and ratings for Goodbye to the Orchard | Goodreads

“Accessible poems and beautiful in many cases, especially the ones that deal with his sister’s death from cancer-I’m always impressed when such a deeply painful experience is articulated in a moving way. Particular favorites included: ‘Lack,’ “Body on the Brain,’ and ‘Goodbye to the Orchard'”