Interview with Scarriet

“’It is impossible to say just what I mean.’  I was 17 when I first read that line, and it pierced me then and still does.  In some ways, Clangings pays homage to that one line.

Interview with Steven Cramer on The Poetry of Recovery blog

“The structure of the pantoum—the insistent recurrence of its lines—seems like the right form for the way lost loved ones keep ‘turning up’ in memory.”

Interview with Steven Cramer at Memorious

“The more I learned about clang associations, the clearer it became that these speech patterns draw on the same mental well-springs that give rise to the associations of a certain kind of poetic language and thinking.” 

Interview and Sarabande in Education Guide to Clangings

“For the roughly two years I wrote and rewrote them, that inner voice almost every artist knows—the one that says, who do you think you’re kidding?—was silenced.”

Interview with Steven Cramer at Litseen

I don’t think writing—especially writing poetry—can be rightly described as a career. I’ve written poetry as often despite my career as because of it.”

Interview with Steven Cramer at Sarabande Books

“I foresaw a book with a single organizing principle: that every page offered the reader a different poetic structure. I’d like to think I’ve kept to the spirit, if not to the letter, of that principle.”

Steven Cramer: Featured Poet at Perihelion

“Restraint, in art, grows out of formal challenge. Perhaps not surprisingly, subjects closest to my bones—say, mixing my parents’ ashes and burying them—have often led me to the strictest of received forms.”

Steven Cramer: The Intersection Interview at Clarkwoods

“Like many writers, I’m most interested by—and most unsure about—my new work. I often don’t know that a poem is done until I’ve read it out loud (in private and in public) many times.”